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Toby and the peanut butter popsicle

Umbrella cockatoo Toby is a rehomed bird who suffered from cloacal prolapse. He gets a stitch in time (actually a staple) about every 6 - 8 weeks. He also gets therapeutic sitz baths regularly to help with his condition. Here he is enjoying a peanut butter popsicle after one of his baths. 8/12/2011--Toby, my dear 17-year old U2 boy, lost a courageous battle last night. He was 17, and had suffered lifelong from prolapse, which left him susceptible to multiple infections. Toby came into my life about 6 years ago, and he was an absolute wonder. I would be hard-pressed to find--or even know of--a bird that had a more upbeat and positive attitude, despite many assaults on his health. My vet, to whom Toby (then "Sunny") had been relinquished with the instructions, "Find him a good home or euthanize him," chose me, of all the people associated with his practice, to provide a home for Toby, and I believe it was a privilege. He taught me a lot about what a gift life is with our birds, no matter what their limitations might be, and about the individualized relationships that we are fortunate to be able to form with our birds, notwithstanding large flocks. That "impossible dream" is the part of our passion that non-bird people will never understand. It will be many years before I will be able to go into the bird room and not visualize Toby--whose cage was right by the door--playing with his favorite truck, which could often be heard clicking happily above the din and excitement when I'd enter the room. He has taken a piece of me with him. Fly free, and rest in peace, my cockatoo angel! And, don't forget to meet me at The Bridge . . .