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There’s lots of great stuff out there on the web, so we’d like to share some of our favorites with you.

Take a look of some of the useful websites we love. Click on them and see what they have to offer!

Southern Nevada Parrot Rescue Southern Nevada Parrot Rescue

Southern Nevada Parrot Education, Rescue & Rehoming Society - "We're there when you need us."

Our name says it all, but go to our web site and learn more about birds available for adoption by persons living in Nevada, Utah, and southern California. Foster and adoptive families always needed! Or, you may even want to subscribe to Wings West, the quarterly newsletter of SNPERRS. 

Wasatch Avian Educational Society (WAES)

WAES is an educational and rehoming organization serving Utah and parts of Wyoming and Idaho. Meetings are held in Salt Lake City on the second Saturday of each month; the public is welcome. Foster and adoptive families are always needed. Look for the WAES cookbook, Feeding The Birds, "For Sale" through the web site.

The Feather Distribution Project

While the link is still live, sadly The Feather Distribution Project ceased operations a number of years ago. The Feather Distribution Project aided in the conservation of exotic and threatened bird species by making molted feathers available to Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest for use in ceremonial fans, headdresses, and costumes. The feathers--donated by zoos, bird clubs, aviaries and individuals--are provided to native peoples free of charge, thereby helping curtail a black market in feathers that had put pressure on many rare, threatened and endangered species.

Moonstone Dragons Moonstone Dragons
No longer in business, but we surely do like that photo!
Pet Expectations Pet Expectations

Parrot toys, hand crafted, toy parts, Higgins Premium parrot foods, just about anything parrot you can come up with.  For those of you with furry friends we've got those covered as well!  Lupine leashes, collars, toys, pet beds, treats, safety lights, $3.00 engraved pet tags. Pet Expectations . . .  home of the E-I-E-I-O Farm, a terrific place to visit.


Google Google

Not only is Google one of the most powerful search engine on the Internet, but it also offers a variety of other useful tools, ranging from website analytics to photo organizing software. And, if you've lost your bird, and you need to make flyers, it's a great way to obtain a photo of most species.

The Parrotlet Ranch

Breeding parrotlets exclusively since 1986, The Parrotlet Ranch specializes in sweet, hand-fed pets and rare species and color mutation parrotlets. We have show-quality bloodlines from Champion and Grand Champion birds. The Parrotlet Ranch is devoted to raising the healthiest, strongest parrotlets possible and takes great care with regard to nutrition, housing, cleanliness, record keeping and genetic diversity.