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Buddy . . . everybody's got one!

It seems that a flock isn't really a flock without a bird named "Buddy," so here's ours. Buddy came to us already sporting the rather common moniker, but since it was a name he knew, there seemed to be little sense in confusing the issue. He looks innocent enough in this photo, but Buddy is compatriot and partner in crime to Rubio. If you long for hundreds of dollars worth of crock and bottle damage, then this is the team you want AWOL in your bird room. Though Buddy is out-sized by Rubio, their egos even the score most often. You know . . . it's a macaw thing. Because of their propensity for "irreparable mischief," Buddy and Rubio play in one of the large outdoor cages almost 365 days a year. They would hardly be affordable otherwise.