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Natty Newfeather's(TM) Favorite Macaw Mix - 10 lbs. -  SHIPPING INCLUDED!!!
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SHIPPING INCLUDED!!! This colorful, tempting, flock-tested mix is loaded with all the things the big guys love to munch and crunch, including human-grade in-shell mixed nuts*, cashews*, hulled pepitas*, and in-shell pistachios* dehydrated papaya, pineapple, banana slices and coconut, striped sunflower seed, in-shell roasted peanuts, dehydrated carrot slices and/or bits, chili pepper pods, protein pellets, and lots of other great stuff to satisfy hearty appetites and discerning beaks that enjoy being kept busy. This item is shipped via U.S. Priority Mail only; though a small unit handling fee applies, shipping is included in the price.


*These ingredients in the aggregate constitute approximately 37% of the mix.

"Every good bird deserves feather."TM