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Natty Newfeather's™ Favorite All-season Small Parrot Mix - SHIPPING INCLUDED

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Small birds can be gourmets, too.

SHIPPING INCLUDED!!! Available in either 6 or 10 lb. package, and specially formulated with a variety of textures, shapes and flavors, this colorful and appealing mixture of seeds, grains, and right-sized vegetable and fruit bits is sure to be a nutritious and beak-a-licious favorite for your smaller feathered charges. They are what they eat. Ingredients include safflower, buckwheat, sunflower meats, red wheat, high-protein lay pellet, hemp, millet, milo, canary grass seed, cracked corn, pepitas, carrot and papaya bits and coconut. Food should be fun, and the little foodies in your flock will surely appreciate something out of the ordinary. Treat their discerning tastes to the epicurean experience our All-season Small Parrot Mix was designed to be. You'll enjoy watching them enjoy! Unless as part of a larger order, this item is shipped via U.S. Priority only; though a small unit handling fee may apply, shipping is included in the price.  

"Every good bird deserves feather."TM