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Natty Newfeather's™ Refeathering Kit
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Natty Newfeather's™ Refeathering Kit contains all you need to begin immediately the refeathering regimen I developed that thus far has been successful on hundreds of birds. It contains for topical application a mild antiseptic to combat possible feather fungus and an analgesic to relieve discomfort associated with feather regrowth while moisturizing the skin, a non-prescriptive for oral administration, a supply of pine cones as a feather destructive behavior substitute, and suggestions for diet change. Full directions for the regimen, including a telephone number to call for technical or moral support, are included. I've refeathered more than my fair share of birds by now, and I'm always happy to lend my support to purchasers of this product. While I can't promise identical results for every bird, to date we've had outstanding success, and you should see a difference within days of beginning the regimen. Click on the dramatic BEFORE and AFTER photos . . . a picture is worth a thousand words. Receive a limited-time coupon worth $5.00 on your next order when you order a Natty Newfeather's(TM) Refeathering Kit and a NO PLUCK Leather Collar or the kit and bulk-pack (30 or more) pine cones.

"Every good bird deserves feather."TM