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Natty Newfeather's™ NO-PLUCK Leather Collar - Small
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You’ve tried the rest, now get the best. Natty Newfeather's™ NO-PLUCK Leather Collars are designed to be easy to put on and take off your bird, and to be comfortable, even during long periods of wear. We make them in various sizes to fit your bird, and in various shades of the colors indicated to complement your bird's erstwhile plumage, allowing your bird to look stylish even as he/she regrows feathers. The collars allow freedom of movement, and some birds can even fly while wearing one. Natty Newfeather's™ NO-PLUCK Leather Collars--to break the plucking habit--and the Natty Newfeather's™ Refeathering Kit are a great combination  for getting your bird back on the "straight and narrow." When ordering a collar, please specify the species, gender of bird, weight if known, and the extent to which he/she is plucking, so that we can provide you with the proper size.  Choose your color, or if you want us to choose for you from among seasonally available fashions, let us know. Generally, the collars are available in small, extra small, medium and large, but custom sizes (including JUMBO--special order) are available for special needs, such as foot injuries. Small size fits cockatiels, caiques, quakers, red-bellied parrots, jenday conure and similar. 

USE "COLLAR(S) ONLY" SHIPPING SCHEDULE when you order one (1) to three (3) collars and your order consists of ONLY collars.

"Every good bird deserves feather."TM