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Essential Products . . . Refeathering Kit, NO-PLUCK leather collars, sanitized pine cones, deluxe seed mixes, and perches > Perches . . . "cheeper" by the half dozen . . . total price includes shipping & handling!!
Perches . . . "cheeper" by the half dozen . . . total price includes shipping & handling!!
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Prod. Code: P-006

Why is it that some parrots that pluck are surrounded by things that are totally indestructible? Let's rephrase that question. Why would one expect a bird not to pluck when he is surrounded by otherwise indestructible stuff? There are, after all, very few indestructible trees out there in the rainforest, and a little "constructive destruction" is part of being a parrot. Natty thought about this long and hard. She also thought about  the need to be practical about things that must be shipped. So, here's the deal. We will pack 6 hard--but certainly not indestructible over time--perches (our choice of sycamore, prunus, apple, fruitless mulberry, birch or other bird-safe woods, and we'll try to give you an assortment) into a USPS medium flat rate box. Right-sized for your bird, the perches are generally 1-inch caliper or better, with fun stuff like bark still intact, and measuring between 10" and 13" long, sporting a fastener on one end and appropriately sized STAINLESS STEEL FITTINGS. These are great as nighttime roosting perches or door perches, and the product testers around here just love 'em because they're really easy on the feet. You get the whole kit and caboodle for $65.90. Now, you just can't beat that with a stick!   

Perches . . . cheaper by the half dozen . . . total price $65.90, which includes shipping and handling! Specify your bird's species and we'll send perches best suited to his grip. And, if you need a special size, from small canaries and finches to large macaws, or you need to order dozens of perches, we will fill your custom order at a very reasonable price. Just email or call us for a quote. 

"Every good bird deserves feather."TM